A book written by John H. Conway and Richard K. Guy in 1996. ISBN 0-387-97993-X. In the preface, as should be expected, they mention Deuteronomy and Joshua as possible sequels, pending the success of this book.

As a book it is fairly well-ordered, yet also sporadic. The Pythagorean theorem is discussed, not in a chapter titled "Famous Families of Numbers," but rather in one named "Further Fruitfulness of Fractions." It seems strange to me that a theorem so often associated with integers is associated with fractions.

The basic theme of the book is numbers. Aside from the everyday "well, duh", both number types and specific numbers are discussed, including primes, Lucas and Fibonacci numbers, irrational numbers, imaginary numbers, transcendental numbers and infinity. The chapter titles are:
  1. The Romance of Numbers
  2. Figures from figures: Doing Arithmetic and Algebra by Geometry
  3. What Comes Next?
  4. Famous Families of Numbers
  5. The Primacy of Primes
  6. Further Fruitfulness of Fractions
  7. Geometric Problems and Algebraic Numbers
  8. Imagining Imaginary Numbers
  9. Some Transcendental Numbers
  10. Infinite and Infinitesimal Numbers
Warning: This is not a proof-based book. Many things are simply stated. As my math professor put it, "This book doesn't have a very good bibliography."

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