The Book Loft of German Village

631 S 3rd St
Columbus, OH 43206
(614) 464-1774

The Book Loft is an independent bookstore in Columbus, Ohio. It is known (by its advertising) as 32 rooms of books. This doesn't do it the justice it deserves. The Book Loft was one of the first bookstores I'd been to in Columbus when I moved here and it's become one of those places I rave about to my guests. The variety of the books shames your typical Waldenbooks and Barnes & Noble but the fun in this place is the discovery. You are greeted at first with a well manicured garden path that leads you into an outdoor display of well priced books, posters, what have you. Once you go inside you're faced with a maze (the best description I can give). As you move through the maze you move from theme to theme... sports, to history, to art, to human interaction, to literature... there are tiny closet rooms stuffed with books about travel, vast rooms filled with biography and religion, science, music... many of us will go there just to crawl through the rooms and get lost in it. Everyone moves through this place like quiet spirits that haunt some kind of wonderland of words... fairytale book store...if you're lucky you'll be able to pet their cat.

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