War is a biological process. Ideological cancer cells are fighting for survival. I find it incredible beautiful to think that our blindly human conflicts, sufferings, are of a much larger organic evolution. Life seeks its own refinement.

Today, post September 11 - East and West

Imagine one cell group seeking to assimilate all into economic materialism, in the belief that earth and its exploit will provide all of humanities nourishment. Through economic slavery of nations to amass wealth and material power, belief that consumption leads to happiness {spiritual darkness}...AND personal freedom.

Another cell group, historically assimilating cultural and spiritual values by fanaticism in religious dogma, repression of freedom, conversion by the sword...AND unswerving devotion to higher purpose.

Which cells survive in a test tube, the stronger, the most adaptable? Which will survive in the system? Will there be mutual adaptation and both survive? Will the host world assimilate both?

But then, in alchemy we have the principle of fission, through conflict/friction we cast off the gross matter to find the refined substance materially and spiritually.

In the above picture we have the refinements, personal freedom on one hand, and devotion to higher purpose on the other.

Could this bring a truly beautiful outcome, a beautiful organism?

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