The Art of Writing Translations by Florian Von Banier


The following book addresses the art of writing translations of texts that are already existent and also of texts that do not yet exist. To the latter I will give the name of 'creative translation', and address their subject only in one later chapter, also giving an example to follow on a translation that I wrote from a book that has not yet been written, but which nonetheless set so fantastic a hold on my imagination that I was literally forced, as if by Homer's Muse, to set forth the book in my own language.

The book has been written in aphoristic style for a number of reasons. Portability of aphorisms the reader may find interesting or stimulating. Evasion of censorship of sections that may seem inappropriate to authorities in countries and communities where this book is perhaps most importantly read, I am thinking of my favorite places in our land, the least of which is not what I once referred to as 'my Native Japan'.

Take from this book what you will, it is not written for everybody, but only for those with a fierce understanding of the vital substance of the body, that is words; and the soul's prime vocation, the writing of these words which are the only true elixir for frail hands or heart. If you need to write, if you must write, then I have written this for you, but only for you. Upon the rest, this book will fall upon blind eyes, like music that is so enchanting it deafens the ears of those that cannot hear its beauty.

First Chapter: On the Subject of Translation by Florian Von Banier

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