The Antipope is the first book in a trilogy of five.* The Brentford Trilogy officially starts here.

It charts the attempts of a re-animated Pope Alexander Borgia to take over the world, starting with Brentford. Having been dead for about 500 years, he is generally not in a particularly good mood, and being in league with Satan he is reasonably powerful. He converts the Seamen's Mission into a mockery of a Gothic Cathedral, wherein he preaches to his brainwashed flock. He also has five nasty little hench beings... or should I say hench-beans? These creatures grew from the five magic beans for which Archroy's wife sold his car, and are half plant, half demon, and wholly evil.

However, having had his car sold without any sort of prior consent at all, Archroy is rather unhappy, and takes up the now-legendary martial art of Dimac. He teams up with our perennial heroes John Omally and Jim Pooley, their mentor Professor Slocombe, the inventor and part time cornershop owner Norman Hartnell**, the traveller beneath, Soap Distant, and Neville the part-time barman to rid Brentford of this evil.

Needless to say, many pints of Large are quaffed, many in-jokes cracked (as well as many out-jokes) and many fans are amazed by a non-Deus ex Machina ending.

* No, the other one. By Robert Rankin.

** No, the other one. The well known Norman Hartnell is a Fashion Designer.

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