One of the Norman Hartnells known to mankind is a fashion designer.

The other one runs a cornershop in Brentford in the universe of Robert Rankin. He is also an inventor and entrepreneur in his spare time.

The front room of his shop is filled with the usual paraphernalia of a newsagent: papers, sweets and tobacco. Short-term tenancy of his shelves was also held by a selection of videos sold to him by one John Omally. However, these were confiscated by the local constabulary after they were found to contain footage of tortures courtesy of the Albanian secret police. In the few weeks preceding their seizure, however, Ouch, Ouch II (the sequel), Now that's what I call torture, and Carry On up my Bottom with a Cattle Prod earned a sort of cult fame.

The back rooms of the shop are far more interesting. They have housed, at various times, a time machine, a matter transference device, a unicorn, and lots of large switches of the 'we belong dead' variety.

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