Poem by John Donne

All kings, and all their favourites,
All glory of honours, beauties, wits,
The sin it self, which makes time, as they pass,
Is elder by a year now than it was
When thou and I first one another saw.
All other things to their destruction draw
Only our love hath no decay;
This no to-morrow hath, nor yesterday;
Running it never runs from us away,
But truly keeps his first, last everlasting day.

Two graves must hide thine and my corse;
If one might, death were no divorce.
Alas! as well as other princes, we
--Who prince enough in one another be--
Must leave at last in death these eyes and ears,
Oft fed with true oaths, and with sweet salt tears;
But souls where nothing dwells but love
--All other thoughts being inmates--then shall prove
This or a love increased there above,
When bodies to their graves, souls from their graves remove.

And then we shall be throughly blest;

But now no more than all the rest.
There upon earth we're kings, and none but we
can be such kinds, nor of such subjects be.
Who is so safe as we? where none can do
Treason to be us, except one of us two.
True and false fears let us refrain,
Let us love nobly, and live, and add again
Years and years unto years, till we attain
To write threescore; this is the second of our reign.

The Anniversary is a rock band from Lawrence Kansas. They have managed to conjure the pop song-writing skills of the Beach Boys while receiving about one-millionth of the attention. They currently have done splits with The Get Up Kids, Hot Rod Circuit, and Superdrag, have two 7"s, have one album out, Designing a Nervous Breakdown, and are about to release their second full length, entitled Your Majesty. They have also appeared on a bunch of comps. Right now, they are on Vagrant Records.

The Anniversary consists of:

  • Joshua K. Berwanger: vocals, guitar
  • Justin D. Roelofs: vocals, guitar
  • Adrianne Alice Pope: vocals, moog, keyboards (also newlywed bride of Robbie Pope of TGUK)
  • James David: bass
  • Christian "Janko" Jankowski: drums

Together, these musicians can rock out on stage like they were born too. The songs are incredible, with choruses change to move the story forward, and incredible guitar and moog solos that would have you moshing up a storm if you weren't already caught in dumbfounded introspection because of the where the male-female lyrics hit you. I've seen them live three times, and every time they get a crowd of people so excited to be at a rock, they forget that they are emo kids. (EXCEPTION: when I saw them open for Dashboard Confessional, so many of the MTV punks were impatient for their set to end that they played an extra 3 songs just to piss them off, and then told them that they all sucked. It was funny.)

Their style of music tends to be classified as emo, but has also been described as synth-pop, indie, and college rock. I like to call it rock and roll. Rock on.

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