A book by Harold Bloom in which he asserts that Americans believe themselves to be Christians but are, in fact, Gnostics. He discusses Pentecostalists, Mormons, Adventists, Christian Scientists, and Jehovah's Witnesses specifically, as well as Southern Baptists and African-Americans.

"The essence of the American is the belief that God loves her or him, a conviction shared by nearly nine out of ten of us, according to a Gallup poll. To live in a country where the vast majority so enjoy's God's affection is deeply moving, and perhaps an entire society can sustain being the object of so sublime a regard, which after all was granted only to King David in the whole of the Hebrew Bible."

Touchstone, Simon & Schuster, Inc., 1993, ISBN 0-671-67997-X and 0-671-86737-7 (paperback).

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