Tetsuo Shima is the main antagonist in both the animated and manga epic versions of Akira. Though the stories are wildly different, Tetsuo plays pretty much the same role in both.

He's a member of Kaneda's biker gang in Neo-Tokyo, an orphan, and a kid who's been picked on his entire life. He and Kaneda were raised in the same orphanage where Kaneda protected him from constant bullying.

After an accident in which Tetsuo encounters Takashi, one of a group of children at the same time gifted and deformed by certain experiments, Tetsuo begins to hallucinate and certain powers manifest in him, leading to a conflict that will set Neo-Tokyo aflame.

The image of Tetsuo is one of the most powerful in both the graphic novel and the anime. He stands with his legs apart and his arms hanging, tensed. His clothes are in tatters and he wears an red, impromptu cape thrown over his shoulder, emphasizing him as a symbolic anti-hero. His face is twisted in a depraved grin, and his spiked hair flares up violently.

He looks like quite the bad-ass.

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