Te*tan"ic (?), a. [Cf. L. tetanicus suffering from tetanus, Gr. , F. t'etanique.]

1. Physiol.

Of or pertaining to tetanus; having the character of tetanus; as, a tetanic state; tetanic contraction.

This condition of muscle, this fusion of a number of simple spasms into an apparently smooth, continuous effort, is known as tetanus, or tetanic contraction. Foster.

2. Physiol. & Med.

Producing, or tending to produce, tetanus, or tonic contraction of the muscles; as, a tetanic remedy. See Tetanic, n.


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Te*tan"ic (?), n. Physiol. & Med.

A substance (notably nux vomica, strychnine, and brucine) which, either as a remedy or a poison, acts primarily on the spinal cord, and which, when taken in comparatively large quantity, produces tetanic spasms or convulsions.


© Webster 1913.

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