Montana's original Testicle Festival is held every year in Clinton, Montana. On one five day period in September, 2 1/2 tons of bull balls are fed to over 15,000 visitors. There's also more quality entertainment and family fun, such as the bull-chip flinging contest, cow patty bingo and the hairy chest and wet t-shirt contests. This year will be the 19th year that this gathering has been held, and it grows each year.

This riotous, rowdy festival is held at the Rock Creek Lodge and features "Ol' Testy", a 900 pound wooden bull with massive testicles who is rolled into the lodge's bar. Photo ops with Ol' Testy are available, but customers should be warned that the removal of certain articles of clothing prior to climbing aboard is the tradition. Many of the games and "contests" featured during the weekend also involve taking off your clothes. The festival involved a lot of beer drinking and ball eating, and has become a popular destination for Harley Davidson riding "bikers".

For those concerned about food safety, Rod "The Baron of Balls" Lincoln, proprietor of the lodge assures us that his nuts are inspected by the USDA prior to the festival every year.

The dates for the 2001 festival are September 20th through the 24th.

If Montana isn't convenient, a Testical Festival is held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada each year. Bottlescrew Bill's Testicle Festival starts in mid-June and runs until the end of August. Byron, Illinois is the site of the annual Turkey Testicle Festival. Other like gatherings in Montana include the Fromberg Festival of Testicles and the Ryegate Testicle Festival, both near Billings, Montana. The Nut and Gut Feed is held every year 90 miles from Havre, Montana, and the York Bar's Go Nuts Testicle Festival happens the third Friday in May in York, Montana.

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