The prince of shadows and King beyond the Gate; Tenaka Khan is the son of Hogun of Drenai and Shillak of the Wolfshead Clan (Nadir). He was sent to Dros Denloch at age 15 as part of a peace agreement and appointed to the Dragon. He quickly rose through the ranks to that of Gan. A complex series of events unfolds, the end result being Tenaka returns to the Nadir steppes and weds the joining Renya. Tenaka completes a test set forth by Ulric nearly a hundred years before and proclaimed the leader of the Wolfshead tribe. Tenaka Khan goes on to conquer most of the known world, most notably Dros Denloch, which even the mighty Ulric could not take. He is later assassinated by his greedy son Jungir.

--Sources: The King beyond the Gate, Quest for Lost Heros by David Gemmell.

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