Born in London in the summer of 1948, David Gemmell is widely considered to be the greatest author of epic fantasy ever to grace this plane. He was expelled from school at sixteen for organizing a gambling syndicate and because a laborer by day and bouncer by night. Born with a silver tongue, Gemmell landed a job as a trainee journalist and eventually worked as a freelancer for the London Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, and Daily Express. His first novel, Legend, was published in 1984, causing him to peruse his writing full time. His works include:

Drenai Saga:
Waylander II
(published in the US as In the Realm of the Wolf)
King Beyond the Gate
Druss the Legend
Winter Warriors
Quest for Lost Heros
Hero in the Shadows

Stones of Power:
Ghost King
Last Sword of Power
The Jerusalem Man
(published in the US as Wolf in Shadow)
Last Guardian

Sword in the Storm

Not in a series:
Knights of Dark Renown
Dark Moon
Echos of the Great Song
Ironhand’s Daughter
The Hawk Eternal
Lion of Macedon
Dark Prince

Editor's Note: David Gemmell died on Friday July 28th, 2006 at age 57 of complications following quadruple bypass heart surgery.

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