One of the most powerful and popular buildings available to the Undead in Warcraft III

Requirements: Halls of the Dead, Graveyard
Cost: 225 Gold, 80 Lumber
Buildings Allowed: None
Units Created: Necromancer (30 seconds), Banshee (35 seconds)
Upgrades Available: (60/75 seconds) Necromancer adept training, Banshee adept training, Necromancer master training, Banshee master training

Stats: Build time: 1 minute 10 seconds. Armor: 5. HP: 1100.

The Temple of the Damned allows two of the most popular units in the game, the Necromancer and Banshee. Their useful abilities give the Scourge commander their units that can swing a game in their favour. Best created away from your Graveyard so that any new Necromancers, once assigned to a group on autocast, don't waste mana raising Skeletons that will stand around doing nothing.

Warcraft III Undead Guide

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Information gleaned from:
  • My own lovingly played copy of Warcraft III
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