Strange how I went numb, right when the greatest pain in my life should have been washing over me. Stranger still that the stickiness I lay in should give me comfort, rather than anxiety as my blood flowed away from me. Strangest yet my sense of peace.

Hang on Steve! Just hang on, dammit!

Drifting, slowly drifting, images fluttering and then gone. Projects half started, events half remembered, old friends long gone. Some brought smiles, some misty eyes. Daylight fading, night approaching... lights, not white nor stars, but red, flashing

They're here, there's here, Stephen, stay with me please stay
with me please God oh God oh dear fucking God don't let him go don't leave me here Stevey...

dull sensation moving slowly fast softly loud talking shouting working weeping dark darker Please...

His lips! He's trying to say something

tell her... tell her i'll see her Stacey tell please

I can't hear him, quiet SHUT UP!

tell Stacey I love her

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