mgriffithsuk's writeup is a little harsh. As new towns go, Telford is pretty good.

The best thing about Telford is that you can see greenery everywhere. There are lots of trees and grassy open spaces. In fact it is very difficult to get a feel of the scale of the town, because normally you can't see very much of it at any one time. (If you do want to get a good birds-eye view, you go round the Wrekin). Even from the excellent shopping centre you can see lots of green.

Telford was formed in the 70's and 80's of seven smaller towns which have been interconnected with short dual carriageways. Some of the little towns are sixties tennament block nightmares, true, but at least they have green space around them. Wellington, UK and Ironbridge, UK are older, historic parts of Telford which are very nice indeed, and have lots of good pubs.

Telford is a Metropolitan Borough and is no longer part of Shropshire. Telford is also the home of Carol Decker from Tpau.

Tel"ford (?), a. [After Thomas Telford, a Scotch road engineer.]

Designating, or pert. to, a road pavement having a surface of small stone rolled hard and smooth, distinguished from macadam road by its firm foundation of large stones with fragments of stone wedged tightly, in the interstices; as, telford pavement, road, etc.


© Webster 1913

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