At over 11,000 feet, Telescope Peak is the highest peak in the Death Valley area. It is found in the Panamint Mountains west of the valley itself. From Death Valley this mountain is very prominent. It sticks out above the long ridge of dry mountains and is covered with snow much of the year, even when the valley itself is quite warm. You can climb this mountain pretty easily via trail from the campground at the top of Cottonwood Canyon (you need a 4*4 to get there). After that the hike is 6 miles (one way) or so... and about 3-4000 feet gain in elevation. If you have time i suggest you spend the night below the summit so you can see the sun set over the Sierras, then rise over Nevada. The view is pretty amazing from up there, you can see three states, the Sierras, most of the Mojave Desert, and wave upon wave of desert mountains to the east. At night in the summer (dont go up there in the winter!) you can almost always see lightning somewhere. *A word of warning.. if the lightning is close, get the hell off of there. ive seen that mountain get hit by lightning at least 6 times in one storm...* The mountain is speckled with ancient bristlecone pines, with piñon pine and sagebrush a bit lower down. In the early summer there are lots of wildflowers too. If you're in Death Valley in the summer for some reason, i suggest you head up towards Telescope Peak, becuase its probably the only place nearby it isnt 120 degrees.

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