Telepop Music was founded in 1997 by Fabrice Dumot, Stephan Haeri, and Christophe Hetier. The French soundsmiths of Télépopmusik hail from the Parisian dance/electronic scene that produced Air and Daft Punk. Télépop's success is due in part to their innovative mix of guest vocals in their song. From Berlin's electroclash underground, Peaches and Chilly Gonzales, Scottish singer Angela McCluskey (who sings on breathe), to British rapper-poet Soda-Pop of the Dirty Beatniks. According to Anti-Pop, Christophe's DJ handle, the group's formation was an accident. The three met while they were playing in France's Indie-rock scene.

Breathe: Breathe was the debut single on Télépop's first American CD Genetic World. The song was originally very popular in 2003 on the French club circuit. But it became a breakout success when Mitsubishi used the song in their commercial for their Outlander SUV. Most of the people who have positively reviewed the CD on said they bought the CD for Breathe. After the immediate success of the commercial, Télépop launched their first American tour.

  • Telepopmusik - November 15, 1999 (Import) (Single)
  • Breathe - March 4, 2002 (Import) (Single)
  • Genetic World - March 11, 2002 (Import)
  • Genetic World - May 21, 2002 (first American release)
  • Breathe - October 17, 2002 (Import) (Single)
  • Love can Damage your Health - November 11, 2002 (Import) (Single)
  • Breathe Pt. 1 - December 30, 2002 (Import)
  • Catalog of Telepopmusik - April 14, 2003 (Import)
  • Smile Remixes - October 20, 2003 (Import) (Single)
  • Angel Milk - February 21, 2005 (Import) (Single)

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