( Taken from the Team OS/2 FAQ )

"...Team OS/2 is a highly informal organisation dedicated to telling the world about the advantages of Operating System/2 (OS/2), an advanced operating system for personal computers. Faced with a large amount of ignorance and misinformation about OS/2, Teamers respond by demonstrating the operating system to others, and educating them about its strengths and weaknesses. Teamers are all volunteers with a genuine enthusiasm for OS/2 that translates into a wish to spread that enthusiasm to others...."

Having seen the team in action myself in Argentina in several computer conventions, I must say that it pretty much looked like I.B.M. getting free workforce.
They had these guys doing OS/2 demos and general tech support of OS/2 and voice recognition products for them, for no pay at all (except for the occasional t-shirt or poster).
None of them got free passes to the convention either, they all got in using the same pass from someone in the I.B.M. booth.

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