A cloth for drying dishes or keeping a stack of tortillas warm. A handy kitchen accessory. Please wash yours frequently to discourage germs, bacteria, and offensive odours.

A dish towel but the one I received from Alsacion France ooo la la! This tea towel is more that that! It's a gift from Inky so now I'm a frood who knows where her towel is, eh? I use them for covering cinnamom rolls while I'm waiting for them to rise early in the morning, but first I flour one and roll the dough out on it so it's easy to move around as I roll the pin. Just lift the towel and turn it.
    A towel is the most useful thing (besides the Guide) a Galactic hitchhiker can have. Its uses include travel, combat, communications, protection from the elements, hand-drying and reassurance. Towels have great symbolic value, with many associated points of honor. Never mock the towel of another, even if it has little pink and blue flowers on it. Never do something to somebody else's towel that you would not want them to do to yours. And, if you borrow the towel of another, you MUST return it before leaving their world.

Douglas Adams
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Well so it seems history says that the Chinese used a 'chakin', an oblong cloth of white linen to wipe dry the delicate China tea bowls after the tea ceremony. The Magistrate of Shellwork in the Ryukyuan royal court in Japan produced produced intricate inlaid with the Raden mother of pearl.

In 18th century England, a tea towel was a special linen drying cloth used by the mistress of the house to dry the precious and expensive china tea things. Servants were considered too clumsey to be trusted with such a delicate job, although housemaids were charged with hand-hemming the woven linen when their main duties were completed.

Tea has permeated our everyday language from Polly Put the Kettle On to something is not quite to your taste, it’s probably not your cup of tea. Tea break, tea time, tea party, tea towel are all terms that have derived from the tradition of drinking tea. This social tradition has drawn comments in literature, inspiring Henry James to remark,:

    There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.

And prompting Henry Fielding a terrible drunkard and something of a womanizer, in the 18th century to note:

    Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea.

Used primairly as a tea cozy, tea towels were first mass produced during the Industrial Revolution and today pictorial tea towels make charming and collectible souvenirs.

Inky writes:

    My dear lo lo !(she has wonderful alliteration doesn't she?)

    I absolutley wanted to find a little something to say Thank You! So I thought and thought and came up with the traditional Alsacion tea towel!*laughs* At least it's something you'll find use for. In Alsace (my region) we put them on the centre of the table -d'oh) but of course you can also, if you wish, clean the toilet with it *grin*
  • the boy and girl are dressed in traditional Alsacion clothes (thank God they only run round like that at special festivities nowadays!) (she's funny too!)
  • The stork is the symbol of Alsace cause we have so many of the b*****ds *LOL*they steal the fish out of the pond :(!!
  • The flowers are just for decoration *wink*

    Anyways ~ lots of hugs and big thanks for your patience and kindness...I really appreciated it!

    C ya soon

    luv, Inky XXX

    PS- I needed my passport to send this in case I'm a a terrorist!=)

*smiles* I love my tea towel! and I have it on the middle of my table where it's blue and red flowers match my kitchen perfectly. Thanks Ink! !

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