The Center of the World.

Another of the places of terror in Mexico City, this area contains:

  1. two urban bus (or rather pesero)stations, each one with its own mini open air market, complete with roasting meats, crying children, diesel smoke.
  2. a metro station, interconnecting the metro proper with the tren ligero to Xochimilco.
  3. a long-distance bus station, where huge air conditioned chromed Shoggoths will take you anywhere you want in the Republic and outside of it for meager sums, if the pickpockets don't have their way with you before.
  4. the crossing of Miguel Ángel de Quevedo with Calzada de Tlalpan, and consequently zillions of cars and peseros.
  5. a supermarket, a restaurant, a bank, several schools ...
  6. untold numbers of Mexicans busily going somewhere.
  7. no signs at all to help you find your way.
Visit with caution.

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