Tater day is held on the first Monday after the first Sunday in April, In Benton, Kentucky(located in the Jackson Purchase). It is the oldest festival in Ky. And started in 1843, when farmers would take advantage of the first day of court and sell or trade their livestock, produce -- including sweet potatoes in the town square. Tater Day features just about everything else you would expect to find at an old time county fair.

In the ‘80s when the NAACP was rumored to march in the Benton Parade, many residents of the all white southern county (Marshall) arrived bearing arms. In the last few year the Army has refused to march in it because of the large number of confederate flags displayed in the town.

In 1999, When police cited Venus Starlett Dust Morgan for wearing a Marilyn Manson T-shirt the quite little town celebration made headlines around the country.

Morgan, then a 20-year-old college student, was convicted of harassment in a non-jury trial. She said the trial was like "a Salem witch trial. ... It was me getting burned at the stake."

She lost her first appeal to Marshall Circuit Court, where a judge said the shirt was not constitutionally protected free speech. But the Court of Appeals that the wearing of a T-shirt, even with "admittedly offensive language," was not within the conduct intended to be prohibited under the harassment statute.

But the ruling was overturn by the State Court of Appeals, Judge Tom Emberton who wrote the option said the law prohibits a "course of conduct" or "repeated acts" intended to harass, annoy or alarm. "By wearing the T-shirt, Venus knew she would be seen, and ... it may well be inferred that she intended for viewers to be annoyed," Emberton's opinion said. But the law "clearly requires more than a simple expression of dislike by ... the public for the conduct of another person… A single act that annoys another person simply is not harassment as defined by the statute."

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