My brother has a thing for exotic sodas. Whenever I'm with him in a grocery store, it seems, he gets this compulsion to buy a bottle of soda of a kind he's never tried before. Usually, it's some type of malted soda or a interesting flavor of jarritos. Last time, though, we fell upon the most exotic soda yet -- Tarragon Soda. This was at a nice middle-eastern/central-asian grocery in Watertown, MA. It tastes, astoundingly enough, like tarragon and it's very sweet (like most sodas) and refreshing. Though the big lettering on the bottle read TAPXyH (that is, Tar-khoon, if I remember my schoolroom cyrillics correctly), the bottler's address is in Pennsylvania. When I do a google image search on "Tarragon Soda," I find a variety of cans and bottles all of which have Russian lettering on them, so I guess tarragon-flavored soda must be a popular drink over there. You learn something new every day. In any case, I recommend trying it, if you run across it somewhere.

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