Watertown Square is medium sized for a square but rather boring. It is located in Watertown, MA. Nothing like Harvard Sq. which in itself is a little overhyped. There are a few sub shops, a bank or two, a small museum, a CVS drug store, and a small patch of green grass.

The Charles River passes through here as well but begins to narrow quite a bit.

The streets in and around Watertown Sq. are:

  • Mt. Auburn Street (part of Rt. 16 at this point)
  • Main Street
  • Arsenal Street
  • North Beacon Street
  • Galen Street
  • Watertown Street (part of Rt. 16, picks up where Mt. Auburn left off)
There are several convenient bus routes that grace this square:

Bus 71: travels between Watertown Sq. and Harvard Sq. Very convenient.
Bus 57: travels between Watertown Sq. and Kenmore Sq. Good for BU students.
Bus 52: this one is not important :-)
Bus 70:
Bus 502: ooh this one is an express bus. From Watertown Sq. to Copley Sq..
Bus 504: yet another express bus. Not telling you where it goes tho.
Bus 70A:

This has been yet another "boring drunkenmonkey nodes" production. Stay tuned for more zany nonsense.

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