The Tape Dance is best performed with a domesticated feline, but I imagine that other small and benign (IE: non-bloodthirsty) animals will do.

Requirements for the Tape Dance are one roll of scotch tape, and aforementioned furry creature. Small post-it notes or stickers (colorful ones!) may be substituted for scotch tape.

Tear off several small pieces of scotch tape into one-inch sections(usually two is sufficient), and quickly apply them to the underside of both front paws of the cat.

Let the cat sit and realize something is wrong when it tries to walk around. Because cats sense whether they are standing on something by the hair on their paws, the hair will be depressed due to the tape. The cat will sit on its hind legs and spasmodically wave its front paws around trying to dislodge the pieces of tape from them. Warning! You may want to keep your distance, as you could potentially get struck in the ear or mouth by a waving kitty paw.

There you have it -- THE TAPE DANCE! Baffling for the cat, but amusing for the human who watches.

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