A show that appears Weekdays on CNN (in the U.S.) where ordinary people take sides on a contriversial topic, (or if the news is slow, they talk about abolishing / banning something despite a weak argument against it or how much it is beloved.) The usual format for the show, is they (The Audience) polls a reporter about the topic, then they get two people on the show of opposing views, and then they face off and have a lot of irrational and illogical 'points' made, simply to get the audience in a mood to dispute the illogical points so the audience feels correct, making them feel good and tuning in again. Many times I feel that they stick their microphones in other peoples buisness where it doesn't belong. In the spirit of the show they also have a IRC server on chat.cnn.com, with opers and admins who don't have the slighest what they are doing, I mean gosh, someone who doesn't know about x,y color format in control codes doesn't even deserve that job.

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