I staggered up the stairs, bumping against the walls. As is usual the key wouldn't fit in the damn lock. Took ages fiddling with the thing. I banged on the door a bit in between trying. With any luck she'd wake her damn ass up and come and open the door for me.

I get into the house and the bedroom light is on. I go for a piss. Things are definitely not good. The head is spinning and I've not got long to go before I collapse. I head toward the bedroom in a last desperate effort.

Herself is sitting up in bed, glowering. If she's that awake why the hell didn't she open the door?
She looks me up and down and says

"Straight from work to the pub again was it?"
"It's always the same, you're never here for me, I have needs you know"

I collapsed on my back beside her on the bed, suit, shoes, coat all still on. I grinned at the ceiling and said

"Take me drunk, I'm home"

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