Seen throughout Central Vermont are signs that say Take Back Vermont. What do they mean? Well with the recent introduction of Civil Unions to Vermont, many of the hicks have decided that thoes nasty "fags" just aren't right. These signs are becoming more and more rampart, showing up in 3 downtown business windows here. It's just another example of Americans' ignorance, and hypocrisy. Whats so good about having a constitution, proclaiming freedom of religion (eg. beliefs) when no one wants it allowed?

The more ironic fact about these signs is that they appear on the lawns of quite a few people who weren't even here last voting period. Others didn't even vote. Their bumper stickers, "I will remember in November" make them seem as if they remembered the LAST November. Nope.

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"Take Vermont Forward" bumper stickers sprang up in response to the "Take Back Vermont" set. But extra points for cleverness must go to whoever came up with "Take Vermont From Behind."

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