Dog dyeing refers to a new trend in Taiwan dog fashion which is currently all the rage. Small dogs, of the fluffy, white or off-white variety, are dyed a variety of fluorescent colors. Usually, the coloring is limited to the canine’s ears, which are most often dyed pink or green and adorned with complimenting ribbons.

The most horrific example I saw, however, was that of a toy poodle at a pet store. It’s tail had been dyed orange. It’s paws were Smurf-blue. It’s ears were sickly green and fading pink. It’s body was striped in yellow and blue. Naturally, it was sheared in traditional poodle style.

It is believed that this trend stems from the popularity of a Japanese cartoon poodle which has a pink afro. It is hoped, by the canines of this island nation, that this trend might soon reverse back to the au-natural style favored around the world.

I will soon make a photo available of the above.

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