Tomahawk Land Attack Missile. Class UGM-109

A special cruise missile used during Desert Storm. Expensive, yet powerful and extremely effective. Can carry tons of explosive, and uses the GPS system to fly (a Block III innovation), capable of going hundreds of miles and still accurate enough to pass between 2 football goalposts.

Tomahawks are built to be launched from practically anywhere, from bomber plane, battleship, ground, or submarine(sumberged even).

The scenario that calls for them is, say, a heavily armed country, making ground and air assault difficult without casualties. The TLAM can be launched from several hundred miles away, ruining somebody's whole day.

There are several forms:
Tomahawk Antiship Missile(TASM)
Tomahawk Land Attack Missile-Nuclear (TLAM-N)
Tomahawk Land Attack Missile-Conventional HE-Warhead (TLAM-C)
Tomahawk Land Attack Missile-Conventional, Bomblet warhead (TLAM-D)

There is even rumored to be one that disperses aluminum and maybe even an EMP that short-circuits power lines and disables electronics. Tom Clancy says "They sure learned a thing or two since the Vietnam War."

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