A term invented (I believe) by the sci-fi author Melissa C. Scott in the book Trouble and her Friends. A SysCop is a hired position, sort of the 'Wild West Sheriff' of an online community in a time post-Network Admin, when the actual infrastructure has submerged into the system. SysCops 'live' in the community and police it using power granted and assumed. The best current analogy would be a BBS adminstrator, or something between an Everything2 Editor and an Everything2 God. They aren't usually the makers and maintainers of the system, and so fall beneath the E2 God, but they have the power to /kill and otherwise discipline other virtual inhabitants and potential intruders, so are more than editors.

This term is occasionally used IRL to describe jobs which match this description, or their holders.

SysCop is probably derived from SysOp (system operator) and Cop merged together. SysOp, of course being the operators of BBSs in the pre-net days.

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