Peganum harmala: a low-shrublike flowering desert plant. Notable as the source of turkey red and a source of harmaline.

It makes the red persian rugs and the magic in magic carpets.

Using Syrian Rue

Syrian rue contains roughly 10 % mixed harmala alkaloids, which, as well as being effective MAO inhibitors, have interesting psychedelic effects (see psychedelic guide: harmala).

However, the seeds themselves are bulky and have an unpleasant taste. They can be consumed as they are, but this is likely to lead to nothing more than nausea.

The solution is to extract and use the alkaloids. This is extremely simple, and can be done in a day in any kitchen.

You will need:
1. One large stew pot (with lid),
2. One bottle lemon juice,
3. One coffee grinder,
4. Filtering appparatus -- e.g. coffee filter.

Grind 100g of seeds to a fine powder in the coffee grinder. Put this powder in the pan (off the heat...), and add about 100ml lemon juice, and a couple pints of water. Heat to a low boil, put on the lid, and leave for 30 min, stirring occasionaly. Filter the sludge, putting aside the liquid. Repeat the proccess to taste using the filtered-out sludge and fresh water/lemon juice.

You now have a large quantity of harmala alkaloids in solution. Place the liquid in the (now clean...) pan, and reduce. You can either reduce the liquid to a managable volume, or boil it all off, and scrape the crystals from the pan. Either way, take about 1/20 of the product (if you started with 100g seeds), and consume. If you crystalised it, it can be smoked.

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