Born on August 20, 1943, Sylvester McCoy is probably most widely known for his role as the seventh doctor on Doctor Who for the BBC. Unfortunately, he followed Colin Baker who was the worst Doctor ever to grace the series. Colin was highly violent and embodied everything Doctor Who did not. I think Sylvester McCoy would have been a decent Doctor Who in better circumstances.

Sylvester McCoy played as Doctor Who for 2 years between 1987 and 1989. The first year involved scripts that weren't made for him, but were made for Colin Baker who left rather abruptly, which partially explains why it's so uncanny and strange that first year and why Sylvestor's character as the Doctor doesn't really come out until the second year. His costume (for lack of a better word) was really interesting and filled with plaids and some other funky patterns that really didn't match well. He had a lot of character and he was very playful. Qualities that I enjoyed in various Doctors throughout the series.

He was in the following stories:

Season 24: 9/7/87 -> 12/7/87

Season 25: 10/5/88 -> 1/4/89

Season 26: 9/6/89 -> 12/6/89

Sylvester McCoy is not the man's real name—it's actually Percy James Patrick Kent-Smith. He took the stage name Sylvester McCoy after doing a show where he played a stuntman named Sylvester McCoy.

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