The altar ego band of Terry Taylor and Daniel Amos allies over the years with guest appearances of other well known bands.

The Swirling Eddies are:

Camarillo Eddy (Terry Taylor) - Guitars, Lead Vocals
Spot (Jerry Parker Chamberlain) - Lead Guitars, Vocals
Hort Elvison (David Raven) - Drums
Gene Pool (Greg Flesch) - Lead Guitars
Berger Roy Al (tim Chandler) - Bass
Arthur Fhardi (Rob Watson) - Keyboards
Prickly Disco (Gene Eugene Andrusco) - Guitar

Guest Eddies
Jeb McSwaggart (Ed McTaggart)
Mary Baker Eddy (Sharon McCall) - Vocals
Miracle Babe (Riki Michele) - Vocals
J. Peter Braun (Jimmy P. Brown) - Vocals
Mike Roe of the 77's (as Himself) - Guitars on "Baby Baby"
Miss Smelt Roe (Jerry Chamberlain) - Vocals on "Baby Baby"

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