One of the monologues written and performed by Spalding Gray. The text was published in 1985, and was inspired by his experiences during the filming of "The Killing Fields". 

The film "Swimming to Cambodia" starred Gray (alone, as usual),  had music by Laurie Anderson,and was directed by Jonathan Demme (The Silence of the Lambs, Philadelphia).

One of the main points he touches on is the search for a "perfect moment" that is a requirement when he goes to exotic places (like Thailand)... it is this search that is the catalyst that send him in the situations in which he lands.  He describes the moment as a good ending - something that you can't plan or expect...  "kind of like falling in love... with yourself".  He talks about his meeting with Roland Joffé (The meeting that he references during the Russian film festival portion of "Monster in a Box") and the manic spin that this meeting creates in his obsessive compulsive thought process of  threes- between auditions, lounge car conversations with a die hard, all-American Navy man, and his travels.

The book is worth a read, but I would suggest the movie.  I know it's rather odd to suggest a movie over a book but the true appreciation of his stories come not in the words but in his telling of them.

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