Susano Orbatos, as portrayed in Masamune Shirow's graphic novel Orion, is based on the Japanese Shinto God Susano-oh No Mikoto. The plot of Orion is very loosely based on the Susano-oh No Mikoto myth, where Susano is banished to earth and battles an 8-headed monster to gain the hand of a mortal, Kushinada, in marriage. Of course, being Shirow, elements are borrowed from a mind-boggling assortment of cultural, religious mythos, with a healthy helping of Lovecraft.

In Orion, Susano is loud, brash, wild, an uncontrollable maelstrom of malevolently gleeful destruction, and enjoys every single minute of being the bad-ass God of Destruction that he is. Not to mention the fact that he sports a killer World War II Japanese pilot helmet complete with goggles.

Further information would spoil the plot, so I'll leave my description of this rather overzealous god short.

"Unlike other gods, I AM COMPASSIONATE. But Buddha I AIN'T."

Sidenote: The monster that Susano battles in the myths is called the Yamata-No-Orochi, an 8-headed 8-tailed beast whose immense body can cover 8 valleys and 8 mountains.

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