One of various proposed titles for a never-released B-side compilation album by They Might Be Giants. Sometimes referred to as Miscellaneous T 2.

Superfueled Freaksicle was to contain all B-sides and remixes from TMBG's time with Elektra. Constant speculation (and subsequent disappointment) concerning the album's release date caused many people to create their own versions of the ill-fated album. Below are some of the songs generally found in fan-created SF albums, categorized by the EP or single to which they belong.

S-E-X-X-Y -1996
We've Got A World That Swings
Radio Mix
Tee's Radio
Tee's Freeze Mix
Tee's In House Dub
Tee's Cappella
The Warren Rigg Microwave Mix
The Warren Rigg Instrumental

Sleeping in the Flowers - 1994
Radio Edit

Back to Skull - 1994
She Was A Hotel Detective (not the similarly titled track from TMBG's eponymous first album)
Mrs. Train
Snail Dust (The Dust Brothers' remix of Snail Shell)

O Tannenbaum - 1993
O Tannenbaum
Christmas Cards

Why Does the Sun Shine? - 1993
Why Does the Sun Shine?
Jessica (Allman Brothers cover)
Whirlpool (Meat Puppets cover)
Spy (Single Version)

I Palindrome I -1992
Larger Than Life (Joshua Fried's remake of She's Actual Size)

The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) - 1992
The Guitar (Williamsburgh Mix)
The Guitar (Outer Planet Mix)
Welcome to the Jungle (not a GnR cover)
I Blame You
Moving to the Sun
The Guitar (Even Further Outer Planet Mix)

Your Racist Friend - 1990
Your Racist Friend (Sampla-Delic Remix)

Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - 1990
James K. Polk (Original Version)
Stormy Pinkness
Brownsville Mix
Bedford/Stuyvesant Mix
Park Slope Mix

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