Denny's has recently (as of this WU) unveiled three new specials for your gustatory pleasure. pi4arctan1guy and I recently tried them, so I will describe them for you.

The base of each Super Scramble(tm) is standard Denny's food components: you will be given scrambled eggs supplemented with two sausage links, two bacon strips, hash browns and three pancakes. What gives each Scramble its own separate identity is the varied and intriguing combination of flavors that awaits you, heaped upon the eggs.

The Denver Scramble(tm) is eggs scrambled with diced ham, peppers and onions. It is then topped with cheddar cheese. It is quite good. One of my friends, a vegetarian, claims that it is good without the ham also.

The Country Scramble(r) is eggs scrambled with sausage, peppers and onions. It is then topped with cheese and - horror of horrors! - sullied with country gravy. I don't know what country the gravy claims to be from, but wherever it is, they don't adhere to the FDA's stringent standards for what is food ("food") and what isn't ("congealed lard, milk and pork"). This is my least favorite Scramble.
However, pi4arctan1guy says: "The Country Scramble is A-OK!" He gives a thumbs-up while he says this.

The Fiesta Scramble(tm) is scrambled eggs topped with seasoned ground beef, tomatoes and cheese. It is undoubtedly the most delicious of all of the Scrambles. The ground beef is spiced to perfection and complements the eggs perfectly.

Some other notes about the Scrambles:
  • The Denny's website claims that these are available for the low, low price of $4.99, but in grey barely-legible letters at the bottom of the page it says, "At participating restaurants for a limited time only. Prices may vary." This means that you may not get a Scramble and I have whetted your appetite for nothing.
  • The only substitutions available for the meat items are other kinds of meat (e.g. ham for bacon).
  • For $4.99, you can get an amount of food sufficient for two people. The servings are huge. This means that you can get breakfast and coffee for two people for under eight dollars.
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