Working in a grocery store, I am around modern food all of the time. Just today, I was looking at a box of crackers that was Cheddar flavored, and I was surprised to notice the words “MADE WITH REAL CHEDDAR” written in big bold letters on the front of the box. I found this somewhat ironic. Think about it, we live in a world where it is an added bonus if a food item has actual food in it. I think that we have become far too reliant on the fifth food group, synthetic. At least that should be the fifth food group.

Food as we know it is forever changed now thanks to growth hormones in animals, and I can’t believe its not butter, and such products as that. If these foods are so much better for people ( as the companies would have you believe) then why is it that obesity is on a constant rise in North America? Another thing, I know a lot of people who are very young, and are very tall. It is just a theory of mine, but I think that those growth hormones in beef cattle and other animals are not stopping in the animals and are making the people who grow up eating these foods, really “Grow Up” on these foods. Just an Idea though.

So next time you look at a box of “REAL CHEDDAR” crackers, or see a type of juice made with “REAL ORANGES”, just think to yourself that you are lucky, you are eating REAL FOOD.

There is no kind of food known as "Cheddar." Cheddar is a village in the Somerset region of England where the cheese now known as Cheddar cheese was first made in the sixteenth century and which came to be named after the town.

The excited promotional copy doesn't say "MADE WITH REAL CHEDDAR CHEESE!" - it says "MADE WITH REAL CHEDDAR!" Knowing what I do of the relation between advertising and the truth, I can only assume that a small bit of the village of Cheddar - 10 mg of dirt or so from the hill behind City Hall, perhaps - is sprinkled among the contents of every box of crackers.

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