A boy with no skin saves his princess through gory levels

  • Title: Super Meat Boy
  • Developer: Team Meat
  • Music: Danny Baranowsky
  • Release: October 20, 2010
  • Genre: Platformer


Super Meat Boy is a videogame created by Edmund McMillen (of The Binding of Isaac fame) and Tommy Refenes. It’s a sequel to McMillen’s Meat Boy, released originally in Newgrounds.com


SMB rose to fame after people realized that the game is punishing, hard and has super precise controls. It’s common to accumulate a few dozen “deaths” in a regular level while you’re learning the ropes. Thankfully, the game does away with the old convention of having a limited pool of lives.


A controller is highly recommended. If you find an unbreakable one, better.

SMB’s core game is simple: you try to run, jump and wall jump from the start of the level to where Bandage girl is. Avoid the saws, lava and bottomless pits.

Oh, you also get graded on your time. Also also there are hidden levels. And secret characters with different abilities.

What do you think, Andy?

SMB’s fame is well deserved.

It’s dead simple. No tutorials are needed and the levels themselves play fast—most levels can be done in a few seconds. Also, your respawn time is minimal so you can retry immediately. Die, retry, rinse, repeat.

However, it’s also completionist-friendly which is not exactly appealing to me, but might be for someone else. Getting 106% is not recommended for the impatient gamer.

I never got past 2 hours of the game, but that’s just my taste. It’s a very well-done game and deserves your time if you desire to prove to the world your walljumping skills. And then get to Kaizo Mario World or Super Mario Maker expert levels.

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