Super Donald is the alter ego of Donald Duck. Unlike Super Goofy, Super Donald does not rely on doubtful drugs like Super Peanuts. However, Gyro Gearloose maintain an impressive arsenal of weapons and accessories. His good old car, the 313, can be transformed to the SuperCar with licenseplate "X" with flight and oil slick capabilities. His gun in the old cartoon is a ray pistol that stuns the suspect. The shoes are mounted with springs for high-altitude jumping.

Donald Duck has successfully maintained his alter ego secret from even his closest family. The nephews have never caught him off guard, although sometimes they are very close. Donald states that Super Donald is his friend, and has become the spokesperson for him.

Recently, the Italian division of Disney have published new stories about Super Donald, with a continuing plot. Super Donald has to fight against an alien invasion, with the help of a supercomputer and a very creative inventor. This time, the plot contains time travel, military coup, android love, buddihst monks and more. The drawing style and plot states a shift to D.C. Comics-style cartoons mixed with manga. The other current Italian Disney comic is W.I.T.C.H., it resembles Super Donald a lot in colouring, plot and drawing.

The Italian cartoonists Guido Martina and Giovan Battista Carpi made Super Donald on the 8. of June 1969, the same day as Donald Duck's birthday.

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