A four player platform shooter from Konami, later ported from the arcade to the Sega Mega Drive and (I presume) the SNES. Each player takes the role of a different brightly-coloured cowboy and has to shoot their way through a series of levels interspersed with minigames (think Contra meets The Magnificient Seven). The standard platform levels are dotted with many hazards and set-pieces: you can leap up onto balconies, shoot down suspended barrels to drop on enemies, step on rakes, leap over the backs of stampeding cattle and enter saloons for powerups (dispensed by authentic Wild West prostitutes).

The gunplay is almost as frenetic as Robotron in places, and not as frustrating as Contra (aided by the fact that with two guns, you can shoot in two directions at once). Other levels have you traversing the top of a train, riding oddly-coloured horses, swinging from chandeliers and (naturally) an into-the-screen shooting gallery.

This game is, in my opinion, an overlooked classic. The level of detail and the way almost every gameplay element doesn't break the setting are impressive, and the gameplay is a fast and furious to boot. The arcades were saturated with multiplayer scrolling shooters and beat-'em-ups at the time, so there are plenty of other games of similar or better quality, but this is still worth a quick blast.

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