Suicide food is more or less comfort food to the eXtreme.

Whether it's ice cream or steak I'd like to believe that everyone's got that one last line of defense between himself and the open window. A girl I know for example used to keep a box of Reese's Peanut-Butter Puffs cereal next to her window in residence. She called it her suicide food (despite the fact the windows in her residence didn't actually open wide enough to fit a person).

I had a can of hearts of palm (the whereabouts of which are still a mystery).

To me it makes a lot of sense. Considering that I like eating and moreover if I was going to kill myself I'd definitely want to do it on a full stomach. With that said it seems the best way to ensure a long life (at least one that doesn't end by one's own hand) is to eat a big heavy meal before doing the deed. If you're ready to overcome your own lethargy afterwards then godspeed.

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