A term in psychology. refers to the substitution of one desired stimulus with another, usually because of the inavailability of the first.

Read some Freud, he loves this shit almost as much as he loves repression.

Sub"li*ma`tion (?), n. [LL. sublimatio: cf. F. sublimation.]

1. Chem.

The act or process of subliming, or the state or result of being sublimed.

<-- the process of vaporizing a solid and recondensing it into a solid, without it having first passed into the liquid state. Certain solids, such as camphor, have a suffiently high vapor pressure in the solid phase to make this a practical method for purification. -->


The act of heightening or improving; exaltation; elevation; purification.


That which is sublimed; the product of a purifying process.

Religion is the perfection, refinement, and sublimation of morality. South.


© Webster 1913.

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