This was a computer game for the Atari ST, which was named after the group who created it.

The game consisted of a series of pornographic video clips, which played at a speed determined by the rate at which the player waggled his joystick. Play was turn based with up to four people involved and each person's score would reflect the speed at which he could shake his stick.

The most entertaining method of play broke away from the intended rules. We would not go for speed, but for technique, in that we would try and take the film into slow-mo for the most amusing parts and then sprint through the rest.

The whole package fit on a 700k floppy disk and was quite an achievement for the time. Each of the four or five video clips was displayed in only 16 colours and lasted for around 3 seconds, but would loop for about a minute of play. They also had some standard porno sound such as a grunt or a woman saying, "Mmm. Yeah. All the way."

The version that went around my school contained a corrupt clip. You could not make out any image within the garbled graphics, but could hear a sound reminicent of a squealing pig. I think that was probably the one with the greatest impact on us because it actually made our imaginations work.

Another feature that amazed me was that when you removed the disk and reset the computer the game would still be in memory and would display a picture of a skeleton surfing on a floppy disk. This would even occur if the machine had been totally powered down for over a minute.

All in all, SubHumans In Turkey had everything, a name that abbreviated to a swear word, low quality pornography and impressive technical aspects. It was an ideal example of how fourteen year old kids can get their hands on things that would shock many adults, take them in their stride and not become evil in the process.

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