In Harlem (New York City) W. 137th, W. 138th and W. 139th streets are knows a Striver’s Row. During the Harlem Renaissance, upwardly mobile and artistically inclined Blacks moved here and established a neighbourhood that was to exemplify the ideas of the New Harlem and the New Negro. For many years Striver’s Row remained a prestigious place to live , it suffered from the blight and urban decay of the 70s and early 80s, but in recent years has managed to gain some of its old glory.

In fact, Striver’s Row has become so popular that some White people have decided to move up here. Many of the old timers from the neighbourhood are suspicious of this, fearing gentrification and the inevitable Starbucks, but hopefully integration in Harlem is just a sign that all us Americans are finally staring to grow up a little.

However, to this day Harlem remains 98% Black.

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