A semi-organized group game to play at strip clubs, this variation of observational bingo keeps the participants on the lookout for various and sundry stripper clichés in hopes of crossing them off their game card, getting a bingo first, and winning some sort of prize. This phenomenon of bingo and nudity has been documented on the Deuce of Clubs website, after the webmaster attended a Stripper Bingo dinner party at Portland's Acropolis strip club and steak house on Valentine's Day 1999.

For the uninitiated, stripper clichés abound. After all, the ladies working there are generally uninterested in breaking new ground in their performances, so the tried and true is pretty much all you'll see:

  • slapping her ass
  • licking her finger - or nipple, if possible
  • mouthing lyrics along to music
  • gratuitous tan lines, accentuated by cheesy black light
  • has odd shapes shaved into her pubic hair, or is shaved completely bare
  • does the splits at some point in the act
  • appears obviously doped up on something
  • tosses her panties into the audience

With the above examples to help get you started, you should be making your very own Stripper Bingo gamecards in no time.

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