'We Who are About to Die' Strikeforce: Morituri was a comic title put out by Marvel Comics in the 1980s -beginning with issue #1, December 1986. (The same time as their New Universe experiment, but this was not a New Universe title.)

The story line:
Earth had been invaded by aliens called The Horde. Humanity does not stand a chance and is being defeated. To try and turn the tide of the war, the leadership drafts volunteers for Project Morituri which applies a new metabolism to the soldiers granting them each unique super powers. They are then put into a team (Strikeforce: Morituri) and sent out to battle the aliens.

The catch? To quote issue one:

"The Morituri metabolism is fundamentally incompatible with the human - and... rejected it catastrophically."

The rejection cannot be predicted in advance, but will occur to the participants some time within 1 year after receiving the treatment.

You could not expect any character to live for long, but they were quickly replaced. They all behaved bravely, with tragic heroism. It was a singularly stark and grim title.

I do not know how long it ran. I found 17 issues in my parents basement. The first issue was written by Peter Gillis and appears to have written all of the issues I have.

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