A really tasty food item made by Kraft. The name comes from the idea that you can indeed make stuffing on the top of your stove rather than in the oven, embedded inside a Meleagris Gallopavo.

For a just-add-water deal, Stove Top is actually some damn tasty stuff. And unlike anyone would expect, you're not just stuck with "stuffing" flavor.


Because the universe loves variety, there is exactly one metric FUCKLOAD of Stove Top Stuffing flavors. The classics are covered, including Beef, Chicken, Pork, and Cornbread.

Is your mouth watering yet? Don't lie to me! Because you're about to get a saliva waterfall, baby!

There's the Savory flavors - San Francisco Sourdough, Traditional Sage, Savory Herbs, Long Grain & Wild Rice, and Mushroom & Onion. And for the holidays, there's Turkey and Cranberry!

Chicken comes in the standard size, as well as two larger sizes. There's also a low sodium chicken available. Plus, Chicken, Cornbread, and Homestyle Herb are available in a canister!

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