StopEsso is a UK-based campaign dedicated to showing the world that Esso (ExxonMobil to our friends across the pond) is "the world's number one global warming villian".

Most people nowadays have heard of global warming and climate change. Indeed, most believe it to be a distinct possibility that our planet is warming up due to pollution in the atmosphere (I won't go into detail here, that's for another node). Unless we drastically reduce the emissions which cause this, it is predicted that the Earth will gradually warm up, radically changing the world as we know it.

Yet despite mounting evidence to support this, and international treaties such as the Kyoto Protocol being drawn up in an effort to halt these changes, one corporation is claiming there is no such thing as 'global warming'. Lee Raymond, Esso's chief executive, was quoted as saying:
"We do not now have sufficient scientific understanding of climate change to make reasonable predictions and/or justify drastic measures… Some reports in the media link climate change to extreme weather and harm to human health. Yet experts see no such pattern."

ExxonMobil is the power behind the Bush Administration's throne. "Esso gave $1.376 million to the Republicans in the 2000 election cycle - more than any other oil company" claims the campaign's official website, But wait, there's more:

"As soon as George Bush became president, he pulled the United States out of the Kyoto Protocol, the only international agreement to address global warming ­ exactly the policy that Esso was promoting."

The StopEsso campaign therefore calls for a complete and total boycott of all Esso, Exxon and Mobil stations. The campaign has, since its official launch on May 8, 2001 spread from the UK across the globe, and is supported by the environment groups Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and People & Planet, not to mention many celebrities.

Noders of the world, unite to thwart the menace that is, Esso! All quotes taken from the official StopEsso website,

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